SQV International is FDI company invested by DVG Holdings (UK) and head quarter located in Singapore, a subsidiary of the Digital Vision Group Established in Vietnam with 100% foreign capital at the beginning of 2023 SQV International and its ecosystem of member companies have provided services to over 1,000 customers ranging from small businesses to global enterprises


Regionally recognized partner


Sustainable partner


Trusted digital transformation partner

Message from Chairman

Digitalization can create more sustainable and resilient societies, but its potential risks and negative impacts must be addressed.

Bridging the digital divide between developed and developing countries is essential, and a balance between global and localized initiatives need to be considered.

Synergy among stakeholders is crucial to harnessing the power of digitalization for sustainable development through innovative ecosystems partnerships and public private partnerships with a shared purpose.

We urge everyone to seize the opportunities presented by digitalization while being mindful of its potential risks, to ensure that it is a force for good in promoting sustainable development and transformation.

Prof. Cheah Kok Hoong

About us

At SQV, we aim to become a regionally recognized, sustainable, and trusted digital transformation partner for organizations. We provide customized digital solutions that leverage Big Data, AI, and expertise in managed services across technology, engineering, and customer experience spaces.


Our mission is to enhance customer success by providing tailored digital transformation solutions that leverage the latest technologies and expertise.

Our focus

Our focus is on delivering exceptional value and support to clients, improving their operations, enhancing customer experiences and achieving strategic objectives.

Company's Orientation

Building long-term relationships based on trust and loyalty, we aim to become a reliable partner for organizations seeking to unlock the full potential of digital technologies, putting customer success at the forefront of everything we do.

Digital vision group M&A verticals

Digital tech

Co-creating digital business transformation across industries
Evolving framework for a digital world

Global business services engineering tech

Delivering digital customer experience and human resource transformation
High touch approach for a connected world

Engineering tech

Accelerating IR4.0 and product innovation across manufacturing industry
Engineering solutions for a smarter world

Financial tech

Powering intelligence across high volume and velocity of financial data
Illuminating data for a farsighted world

Health tech

Advancing patient care across the healthcare space
Optimised protection for a caring world

Building tech

Virtualising value chains across property and construction industry
Constructive approach for a resilient world

Synergistic areas with SQV

Strong Regional Presence

+1500 team members in Digital Vision Group serving clients across ASEAN

Multiple Award Winning

Accomplishment recognised by global and regional organisations

Growing Clients

Reputable clients across the spectrum of MNC and local, enterprise and SME, private and public sector

Vertical Focused

Competencies in business process outsourcing, managed services and digital transformation initiatives

SQV Solutions

Your Subtainable Digital Transformation Partner


Talent Development in Innovative Ecosystem


Customer Experience Outsourcing

Humand Resources Outsourcing

It Managed Services

Engineering Managed Services


Big Data and AI


SQV's process for Customer

  • 01 Advisory

    We act as the Third Voice, representing your interest to discover, benchmark and evaluate your digital path towards achieving your organisational goals.

    Our strategic and innovative partner ecosystem allow you access to impactful insights from industry leaders - both regional and global.

  • We believe in synergy from collaboration and co-creation in various forms - whether it's for your holistic digital roadmap or for a specific digital project that will make a difference to your organization.

    Our access to subject matter experts, partners and clients will add value to your organization.

  • We tailor our solutions to align to your goals.

    Key fundamentals are identified and strengthened prior to embarking on an iconic transformation journey.

    Unlock potential new opportunities as you continuously build your digital culture and deliver digital initiatives, together.

  • We believe sustainability across Talent, Process and Technology as key to a successful digital transformation journey.

    While technology makes it possible, people make it happen. Together, we encourage you to build your digital stamina and digital leaders in your organization.


SQV Services

Engineering and IT Managed Services, Big Data and AI project, Digital transformation advisory...

Engineering and IT Managed Services

Streamline and optimize your technical systems with our comprehensive managed services, ensuring smooth operations and minimal downtime.

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Big Data and AI project

Leverage advanced analytics and AI to extract valuable insights from your data, driving informed decisions and innovation.

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ESG Consulting and implementation

Integrate ESG factors into your business strategy, creating positive impact and value for both your stakeholders and the environment.

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Global Business Services (GBS) / Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Enhance efficiency and expand your global reach through our strategic outsourcing solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

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Digital transformation advisory

Embrace digital innovation for future success with our customized guidance, helping you evolve technologically and culturally.

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M&A Advisory

Navigate mergers and acquisitions successfully with our expert advisors who guide you through every step of the process.

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Our people, Our team

Investment, merger and acquisition. Digital transformation. Group member for ICT Industry Focus for Malaysia 11th National Development Masterplan...

Chairman at Digital Vision Group and Brandt Group
Senior Advisor, SQV International
Board Advisor, SQV International
Managing Director, SQV International
Solution Manager, SQV International

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